The company “pebble technology” started its first product based on a concept by “Eric Migicovsky” the founder and CEO of the company. He once said in an interview that he got this idea of building a smart watch, when he was at college and he gets notifications on his phone all the time and he don’t want his phone to fall into the canal while looking at the notifications. There started the thought of building a device which sits on the wrist and notifies us instantly when we get a notification, whithout even looking at the phone.

Then he with a ten members of team started building such device from all the old phone and electronic gadgets. He first made a device which sits on the bicycle and notifies about the notifications also tells about the distance and speed. Funny thing is that doesn’t show time.. slowly it started growing into a wearable tech.In 2009 ERIC MIGICOVSKY TOTALLY NAILS WEARABLE COMPUTING he invented a very productive wearable tech.

Once they made a product now they need to publish it. So they started a collaboration with BlackBerry with this the watch connects with the BlackBerry device through bluetooth. which was not a huge success. Then they started publishing their watch demos on “KICKSTARTER” which was a famous fund raising forum.

lets here that from the CEO. Check out the video…




The company became unstoppable and has a tremendous raise. No look back from then.images



“From one founder, to nine employees, to a team somewhere around 130 (depending on who is out sick). But we still make the same watch we thought was cool back in 2011. It is used for more things everyday and big and serious companies are partnering with us. But we are still Pebble. We are making a watch that people love using everyday.

We are not doing this alone. Over the years people have joined us. We see ourselves as the fortunate members of a developer community that spans more than 18,000 people that is making Pebble what it is. Joining the Pebble community can be as simple as using a Pebble or as cool as developing for it (it’s easier than you think)”.

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