Actually all the online traffic should be treated equally, which means if you pay for a certain internet connection, you should be able to use all that speed regardless of which site or service you are using, you should be having your downloads in time and you should be able to perform any task on any website on the internet with the same speed for what you pay for without any problems. Some ISPs want to be able to charge users and online companies, what is called “Fastline”. What that really means is that it is gonna slow down the connection for user and the companies if they don’t pay up.Make no mistake the internet won’t become faster with this “Fastline” instead only the websites in “Fastline” will maintain the speed and the others will be dumped into a slowline.

This may result to a tramendous loss, for example if this continues there may come a situation where we need to pay extra money for top sites like “Facebook”, Netflix” etc.. This is like a water company charging you extra because of using water for coffee instead of laundry. Something like an electricity company charging you extra for using that electricity for goods other than tube lights and fans. This is rediculous.

How can someone decide which sites or companies should raise and which to fall?……

Ok we have seen what “INTERNET NEUTRALITY” is? so what can we do for it? just go to and email them.

Comment your thoughts on this…..

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