It is worth watching this video.

HTC and Valve have formed the most unlikely of partnerships, announcing a forthcoming virtual-reality headset and platform called the HTC Vive at Mobile World Congress. It’s a PC-gaming VR system that looks to compete with the Oculus Rift, and it’ll debut this year in two waves: a “developer edition” coming in March, and a consumer-ready version by the holidays. I got a chance to demo the experience, and guess what? It’s amazing.

HTC Vive will, like the Oculus Rift, offer immersive VR when connected to a gaming PC. It’s not a phone accessory like the Samsung Gear VR. Some people might get confused by that: after all, HTC is a company known for its phones. HTC promises that Vive will have “high quality graphics, 90 frames per second video and incredible audio fidelity.”

Input’s a challenge: most existing VR systems are experimenting with lots of methods, but none has proven to be the perfect answer. The Vive uses a pair of VR Controllers that will work for exploring virtual environments and still work as game controllers. They work a bit like Sony’s motion-based Move controller wands on the PlayStation 4-based Project Morpheus VR, but also feel like Valve’s Steam controller: a touchpad-like click surface on each controller is like a touchpad/control stick hybrid.

There aren’t many great VR control systems that are being mass produced, making Valve’s controller pretty central to the equation.

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