Checkout what did Disney’s lab innovated this time.

Disney is pretty much successful in what it does. The Disney labs are my favourite, their ideas are really cool but hard to use them outside Disney. Some things they come up with are really great, like the 3D printer that makes soft objects.

This just released video on what Disney’s research hub is calling “Acoustruments.” explains, how different their thoughts are? You launch an app that emits a tone through your phone’s speaker. When you push a button or twist a knob, the “acoustrument” modifies the tone much in the way your finger changes the tone of a flute when it blocks a hole. Push the button, the air pathway changes, the tone changes accordingly. Your phone’s microphone detects the tone change and reacts accordingly.

Like explained in the video, an alarm clock set on a phone can be turned on or turned off by simple finger gestures on the buttons. And it works, the thing so called “Acoustruments.”

All this might not seen like practicable in day to day life but it’s so clever, who knows this small idea might turn into a big one in near future.

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