The “QUANTUM COMPUTING” as the name suggests it’s nothing but using Quantum physics in Computer Science. Generally in classical computing, everything works with the information in the form of bits 0 or 1. But in the case of Quantum computing it uses something called QBITS with this a Quantum computer uses 0 and 1 at the same time due to super position retained in electronic components such as transistors.

To understand how this speeds things up, consider this example. If the qubit is in a superposition of the 1 state and the 0 state, and it performed an calculation with another qubit in the same superposition, then one calculation actually obtains 4 results: a 1/1 result, a 1/0 result, a 0/1 result, and a 0/0 result. This is a result of the mathematics applied to a quantum system when in a state of decoherence, which lasts while it is in a superposition of states until it collapses down into one state. The ability of a quantum computer to perform multiple computations simultaneously (or in parallel, in computer terms) is called quantum parallelism).

But the Quantum computer cannot replace the classical computer as they lag in doing small tasks. The Quantum computer are much helpful in performing higher tasks, which the classical computer takes decades to solve.

A quantum computer would be able to perform calculations on a far greater order of magnitude than classical computers … a concept which has serious concerns and applications in the realm of cryptography & encryption.

GOOGLE AND NASA have launched a joint initiative in quantum computing.

The team, led by John Martinis of University of California, Santa Barbara is a collaboration between Google, NASA’s Ames Space Research Centre in Silicon Valley, and the Universities Space Research Asssociation (USRA).

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