This is the first android wear which comes with the all new update out of the box. LG URBANE costs $349 in US. It comes in silver and gold.

Smooth, shiny, minimalist curves are the order of the day, and the result is smaller bezels and a luxury look

The exact dimensions are 45.5 x 52.2mm and the Urbane’s quite chunky at 10.9mm thick.

The unboxing and review in the video below.

That software enables Wi-FI on some devices so you can use a number of features without your phone in Bluetooth range, gesture-based navigation, drawable emoji, and a new low-power mode that keeps your app on-screen while dimming the display. Google’s promised the update to other Android Wear devices, but has not said when exactly that’s happening, or which models will get the new Wi-Fi mode flipped on.

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