Can we record dreams? Well… the answer is yes, now the scientists are able to record our dreams, they predict that in the future they may be able to plant a dream as well.

A dream is a collection of images, situations, thoughts and imaginations. Usually we forget our dreams 95% of them. Failing to remember a dream later on when you’re awake doesn’t mean you weren’t aware of it when it occurred.

The remarkable breakthrough makes use of a fairly straightforward idea: that when we visualize certain types of objects in our minds, our brains generate consistent neural patterns that can then be correlated with what is being visualized. For instance, when you imagine a chair, your brain fires in a pattern that occurs whenever a chair is visualized. An algorithm can then be used to tie the data from a brain scan to the appropriate correlated images. And Your dream can be reconstructed.

The dream thus constructed is 60% correct. Well… This is a great move in understanding our brain though.

So, let me know your favorite dream, wait! do you even remember it? πŸ˜‰

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