The tech giant IBM has unveiled a new ultra-dense chip design that is four times as powerful as the best silicon of today. The company has built a test processor of the chip, which is two generations more advanced than current technology.

While still in the research and development phase, the news is significant as it suggests that worries about the pace of Moore’s Law slowing may be unfounded.

Chips currently rely on 14 nanometre technology, which while small isn’t small enough for future demands. Many researchers are already looking to the next two generations, which will shrink things down to 10 nanometres and eventually 7 nanometres.

This makes our smart devices and gadgets still thinner and more powerful. It saves and improves the battery performance, so we don’t need to worry while performing big tasks.

Improves the new super chip’s performance by letting the transistors switch faster and use less power. IBM’s claims the combination of breakthroughs could lead to a 50% boost to performance and power over the chips that are currently being manufactured, keeping Moore’s Law alive for the time being.

Moore’s law was developed back in 1965. Gordon Moore is the co-founder of INTEL observed  that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit chip was doubling every two years. He expected this trend – which meant that computer power effectively doubled every two years – to continue. But more recently, we have started to reach the limit of how small computer chips can be. Previous attempts to make a 7nm chip haven’t been efficient enough and have needed too much power to run. IBM conducted the research project with help from local chip-making plant owned by GlobalFoundries, and with Samsung and the State University of New York.

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