Are you sure we live in 3 Dimensions? How do you know that? It is not like using x,y,z coordinates or using latitudes, longitudes and altitudes to specify a point in space. Scientists have shown that it’s possible to fill up 2d or 3d space using “one dimensional space filling curve”, which means that every point in space can be lablled using one coordinate using positions on a curve, also means a square containing same number of points.

So, now how can you prove that we live in a 3D, and not in a super curled one dimension? well… Though it’s tough one way of explaining is through diffusion of gas, when a gas diffuses, we may explain dimensions by taking the ratio of volume and radius of the gas cloud. In one dimension volumes equals radius upto a factor, In two dimension volume is radius squared, In three dimension volume is radius cubed and so on.

So, we are living in a three dimensional hot AIR.

What do you think?

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