Ever hoped your phone to charge very quickly? Yes you did. These days the science and technology is so improved that we get a solution for almost every problem we face. The solution for this particular problem is a “Graphene Super Capacitor”.

Graphene is a One atom thick carbon based flexible capacitive material. It is biodegradable yet cheap to make and it is the strongest material.


The super capacitors are far better than a battery. The batteries die pretty soon, they over heat, they are not eco friendly and it takes hours to recharge.

Here comes the Graphene Super capacitor to replace batteries. The main difference between these two is, a battery uses a chemical reaction to produce a stream of electrons. On the other hand, a super capacitor don’t need all that chemical reaction stuff, it just holds on the electrons until we use them.

Scientists have discovered that, charging a super conductor for few seconds made a light bulb to glow for minutes. They also found a cheap way to manufacture them by using an ordinary DVD Burner and liquid carbon.

This brings a tremendous change in storing Energy. With this we will be able to charge our smart devices super fast without having any worries. More over this is biodegradable because Graphene is just carbon. And another most useful application of this is, storing energy from Sun. We know that, sun emits a lot of energy which can be taken only to a certain extent, but with the help of graphene we will be able to print solar panels and can store a large amount of energy.

For more Nerdy stuff on supercapacitors check this out….

Super capacitors, also known as ultracapacitors, electric double-layer capacitors, supercondensers, electrochemical double layer capacitors and pseudocapacitors, do not have a conventional dielectric. They instead have plates with two layers of an identical substance, which allows for separating the charge. Without the need for a dielectric, the plates of a supercapacitor are packed with a larger surface area, therefore resulting in high capacitance. A supercapacitor contains a positive cathode which uses activated carbon material. Charges are stored in an electric double layer. Development of the layer happens at the interface between the electrolyte and the carbon.

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