Illusion literally means making fun off. It is a distortion of our senses. We experience illusions because of slight errors in our brain. The higher contrast elements are seen sooner than the lower contrast once, when these contrasts are arranged in a certain way, we experience a moving illusion.

There are many types of illusions. Illusions are fun and sometimes they also turns out to be a big disaster. The illusions are extensively used in architecture.

The word “illusion” is used to denote different aspects in Hindu philosophy. Many monist philosophies clearly demarcate illusion from truth and falsehood. Per advaita philosophy, illusion is something which is not true and not false. Whereas in general usage it is common to assume that illusion is false, Hindu philosophy makes a distinction between Maya (illusion) and falsehood.

It is pretty tough to explain Illusion. The illusion is so great to see than to read, so i suggest you to watch out the video.

Moving Green Dot Illusion
by Michael Bach

Stare at the black cross in the center and notice a green dot rotating. Now try concentrating really hard and steady at the cross for a long time. If you do it right, the pink dots will disappear and you’ll only see the green dot rotating.

However, nowhere does green exist in this illusion except in your brain!

If you follow the movement of the rotating green dot, the green will dissapear.

Color word illusion

Look at each word and speak out the colors, not the word. Part of your brain tries to identify the color while another part of your brain reads the word. This regional brain conflict can produce errors in perception.

The way you look at an object can affect how you see it. Sometimes there are two images in the same picture, but you can only see one at a time so your brain chooses one (when it deals with too much information).

Version of the image first created
by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd 


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