We often enjoy the fast moving air so called “Wind”. But ever thought what makes air to blow? One of my friends asked this. So, lets see what is happening…

Wind is the air in motion. You can make your own wind by blowing air out of your mouth. When you blow air out of your mouth the air is forced out because the space in your lungs is reduced. This causes the air in your lungs to be under higher pressure. Since there is lower pressure outside your mouth, the air in the form of wind move out of your mouth.

As we already know that, the air always moves from higher pressure toward lower pressure. Consider an example of a balloon with air, the air goes out quickly when ever it finds a small space. It is moving from the higher pressure inside the balloon toward the lower pressure outside the balloon.

Well.. In the above example there is so called balloon to create a high pressure area, but what about the wind that blows on earth. What creates high pressure and low pressure areas?

Earth’s different temperatures due to the suns heat, cause the atmosphere to be different from place to place. As the temperature of the air raises, the pressure increases. The differences in the air pressure cause the air to move from side to side across the land and water.

Wind cannot move by itself. It takes the Sun to get it going. Because of Earth’s shape and rotation, the Sun does not heat our plant evenly. This leaves some part of Earth, such as the North and South poles, cold. Other areas, near the equator for example, are hot.

Let me know, what do you think?

8 thoughts on ““WIND” Where it comes from?

  1. Abhijit – your posts are informative and interesting – but I thought wind was the result of beans!
    Did you check out my books on Amazon? Cheers – Opher

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