Me myself, I am a human, my parents are humans, my great great grand father is a human. Now what about my ansistor before 375 million years ago? Well…. That was a fish!!

Ok let’s see the time line of evolution, 20,000 years back there was a human “Mesolithik Man”.


->Back to 200,000 years ago we get still a human “Paleolithik Man”.


->Back to 1.5 million years ago that’s not a human, that’s a ” Homo Erectus”.


->Now 25 million years ago, that was so called ” Proconsul”, quite similar to today’s monkey.


->Back to 75 million years ago ( 15 million generations ago) ” Plesiadapis”.


->Now back to 160 million years, clearly non human, so called “Juramaia”.


->300 million years ago the great grand parent is not a mammal but that’s a prehistoric lizard predates dinosaurs.

->Haa now finally 375 million years ago ( 185 million generations back), our ancestral fish “TIKTAALIK”.


So where are we in this time line of evolution, actually there wasn’t any first human. When we are 5 years old we are small and when we are 18 years old we are big, that didn’t happen overnight, we can’t feel the difference overnight or on a day basis. That’s like frames moving in a movie, we cannot see the change in frames…

We can never pinpoint the exact moment that a species came to be, because it never did…

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