This is a big moment for me. This is my 100th post with more than 100 wordpress followers ( 104 followers ;)). Thank you so much guys, thanks for all your support, thanks to all those famous wordpress bloggers who supported me, gave answers to many silly questions of mine. My blog has got 2 100’s this time.  So this post has got some significance and this post should be big.

For that reason I have decided to link all my favourite articles on my blog. Damn this is too tough to select few from 100, all 100 are my favourite, let’s see how many I choose. Here we go..

Well before you read my favourite posts, let me tell you something. All those you are about read are those which are most interesting and fascinating things I shared on my blog since I started, everything I learnt, every fascinating thing I shared, every award I got. Thanks to all my followers and readers of my blog. Hey you know what all these lines are to be written at the bottom, but I have a doubt that you may not reach the bottom scrolling all the way down 😉 that’s a huge list with full of cool, fascinating, informatic and interesting stuff. Trust me that’s worth reading.

Thanks for bearing me😜😜 keep reading my blog and keep bearing me… 😜😜

“On virtual reality”. My first ever post

3D Printing

Quantum Dots

Piezoelectric effect

6 Degrees of separation

Tips to choose a smart phone

On 4D printing
Northern lights
On origin of our Universe
On mirrors flipping our image
How touch screen works
Light pollution
What’s mass?
Where did wind come from
On Windows 10
Abdul Kalam
Fast charging
The most radioactive places on earth
Warmhole, the fastest transport
Display resolution vs pixels
Are we both seeing the same colour?
What’s a Dimension?
What’s the colour of a mirror?
Can we go faster than light?
Recording dreams
50 follow;)
Nature of time
Most luxurious cars 2015
3D sound
The dream smart phone, Saygus
Worlds roundest object
Quantum computing
Total marvel story
Microsoft hologram
Ferrari F80
Dark matter
Black hole
Quantum dots?
The company Pebble..
Award 2
Award 3
Wow, now how was the ride on this big article? Let me know…


  1. Congratulations!!!!
    100th post and 100 followers that is a double milestone! 🙂
    You have come a long way, and the effort you put in your research actually shows! Keep it up!
    Many more hundreds to follow. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for pointing me to this post! I would have hated to miss it! Congratulations on 100 posts! And thanks for making me a little smarter too! Your posts provide me with a lot of ‘informatic cool stuff’!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I discovered a little trouble posting my likes/comments on your posts this a.m. I will be sure to revisit and leave some smiles when my Internet connection stabilizes! Just so you know I am actually reading them! And will be sharing your super charger article with my family later today! So cool! And I never thought a mirror was green!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yayayayaya! Congratulations again,Abhijit!🎉🎉
    Two milestones together is a big deal,dude.:D
    And I have always said I found your posts fascinating. So,nothing new here that people love it. You always work hard to put together your posts. You research a lot and it’s very visible. You never post non-sensical stuff(unlike some people🙈) and all of it is interesting as hell.
    Soooo,I would say,you’re on the right track,dude. You’re on the correct path. 😀
    And I really hope you achieve all that you have in mind for your blog.:D
    I have read quite a few of your posts. And I will try to read all those that I haven’t.:)
    Congratulations, again.:D

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow… I feel so great right now… You were been so supportive since the start, the time when you were my first follower.. And I specified the famous BLOGGERES who answered my silly questions too… Well… You would have guessed, that’s you 😜😜
    Thanks a bunch… 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hahahhahahah don’t have such high expectations. I don’t post all that awesome stuff nowadays.🙈
    Annnd,I was just thinking of posting. So,maybe in a couple of hours. You might find it in the morning though. I remember from our various comment-chats that you’re not a night owl like me.:P

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