Our brain is very intelligent, efficient and accurate. The artificial intelligence deals all about making computers more like humans. Since so long we were been successful in replacing humans with computers and now with the artificial intelligence we stepped ahead trying to make computers more efficient, even letting computers make decisions more like a human.. So let’s see few of the most basic concepts on which the artificial intelligence runs…


Neural Networks:

Since ages we had been trying to make computers more like a human brain. And the neural networks are inspired by a human brain. There are billions of neurons in a human brain and they communicate with electrical impulses so called synapsis. These electrical impulses are responsible for our brain to think. So, in a very similar way, scientists have developed a theory called neural networks. Neural networks make use of several principles like Gradient- based training, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms. Neural networks are extensively used in the field of artificial intelligence.

Fuzzy logic

Till date the computers were very precise and their approach was true or false that is 0 or 1. On the other hand a Fuzzy logic deals with the “degree of truth”. For an instance consider a car with automatic breaking system, in case of a traditional logic the breaks of the car can be ON or OFF, though that intense break is required or not. But in case of a Fuzzy logic the intensity can be adjusted as required. Briefly in traditional logic only 1 or 0 values are applied and in a fuzzy logic any values between 1 and 0 are applied.



There are some nodes (artificial neurons) inter linked with each other similar to the neurons which create electrical signals in a human brain to communicate. A neuron takes an input and gives out an output. When plenty of nodes are inter linked, so they are separated as input node, hidden nodes and output nodes. The connection strength between nodes is represented with Connection weights. If two particular nodes( say A and B connect to C ) are given two values then the information is transferred to the C from either A or B depending on their connection weights between them. This process continues throughout the hidden nodes and an output is given.


Fuzzy logic helps to make decisions more like a human. It counts plenty of aspects to make a decision. To do this fuzzy logic uses two things fuzzy sets and fuzzy rules. These helps to make decisions more accurately( more like a human)… Watch out the video below for a better understanding..

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This one I wrote it for an unaccomplished task of a paper presentation. So, I thought this would be cool sharing this interesting topic… And I am working on, to create a YouTube channel.. So what do you think of it? Will that be great sharing this “Informatic cool stuff” through a video??


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