Renewable energy sources are the naturally occurring sources, used to create clean energy. We have invented many different ways to create clean energy through renewable energy sources. One of the most important reasons to start using some alternative energy sources to create energy is that, In near future we may run out of the most extensively used fossil fuel and it is more likely to replace fossil fuels with electricity which can be obtained through various renewable energy sources.Unlike the traditional renewable sources like solar energy and wind energy, let’s see some of the developing and futuristic renewable energy sources.

Tidal energy – Tidal power is non polluting. Although the tidal power is variable due to various factors like gravity they are reliable and predictable and their power can make a valuable contribution to an electrical system which has a variety of sources. Tidal electricity can be used to displace electricity which would otherwise be generated by fossil fuel (coal, oil, natural gas) fired power plants, thus reducing emissions of greenhouse and acid gasses. First time ever in the world there is a wave-powered desalination plant that provide clean drinking water.

Piezoelectricity- There are certain materials called Piezoelectric material, which on applying mechanical stress produce electricity. This concept can be used in various ways like fitting a peizo electric material in a shoe, where there is always some pressure applied while walking. The Piezoelectric material is composed of equal number of electrons and protons so, the charges cancel out giving no net zero charge. As we apply pressure on this type of materials, the charges get out of balance and they end up giving some voltage at it ends. To know more check out my article on piezoelectricity here Piezoelectricity

Quantum dot solar cell technology– This might sound familiar to solar energy, like obtaining electricity through solar panels, but this isn’t that similar. Quantum dot solar technology allows highly efficient solar panels to double as transparent windows. In these devices, a fraction of light transmitted through the window is absorbed by nanosized particles (semiconductor quantum dots) dispersed in a glass window, re-emitted at the infrared wavelength invisible to the human eye, and wave-guided to a solar cell at the edge of the window. If this technology still develops then we might see every sun exposed window covered with this Quantum dot solar panels.

Hydrogen power – Hydrogen fuel is basically an alternative fuel that has potential in dramatically decreasing the energy consumption of vehicles. It can be obtained by burning H2 and O2, which in turn could produce electricity and heat. The by-products in this process include H2O and small amounts of nitrogen oxide. Since the production of Hydrogen Fuel produces non-pollutants, many experts believe that Hydrogen Fuel could be an eco-friendly alternative to our current energy sources. In addition, Hydrogen Fuel can also be commercialized.

Fusion– All the sources we have seen above were perfectly possible and practiced in real life. But this particular source is very hard and scientists are working to sort out a solution. So, for now this is still a theory, let’s see. Unlike fission reactions, fusion reactions does not give out any nuclear wastes. Scientists described fusion as “trying to put sun into a box”. Well… This is extremely tough to do this. In 2013 at Lawrence Livermore National laboratory in USA did an experiment on fusion where for the first time a fuel capsule gave off more energy than was applied. Many countries are experimenting on fusion to create electricity which may serve with power for years.

CONCLUSION – So by using renewable sources we will be able to create eco friendly clean energy. We are depending more on fossil fuels which are limited and cause pollution. So, by replacing them with electricity created by renewable sources is extremely advantageous. Even many automobile companies are trying to make more efficient automobiles running with clean electricity.

This was actually a part of my paper presentation, hope yo got cool info…. And do expect few articles on more renewable sources in near future… 

14 thoughts on “Renewable energy sources!!

  1. Renewable energy way forward. We have to find a way of reducing our population and living sustainably with nature. At the moment we re trashing the planet and butchering wild-life. It cannot go on! Thanks for this post!

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  2. Good post informative.
    Thankfully some countries are now embracing things like solar panels and wind/wave power. I believe the real problem is not in the lack of ingenuity in applying better power sources but in the power of the giant corporations desperate to hang on to their fossil fueled billions to hinder these developements.

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