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Our brain is very intelligent, efficient and accurate. The artificial intelligence deals all about making computers more like humans. Since so long wewere beensuccessful in replacing humans with computers and now with the artificial intelligence we stepped ahead trying to make computers more efficient, even letting computers make decisions more like a human.. So let’s see few of the most basic concepts on which the artificial intelligence runs…


Neural Networks:

Since ages we had been trying to make computers more like a human brain. And the neural networks are inspired by a human brain. There are billions of neurons in a human brain and they communicate with electrical impulses so called synapsis. These electrical impulses are responsible for our brain to think. So, in a very similar way, scientists have developed a theory called neural networks. Neural networks make use of several principles like Gradient-…

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3 thoughts on “Computers more like a human “BRAIN”??

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  2. Oh that’s cool.. Thank you so much for stopping by.. That will be great to join good BLOGGERES..
    May I know your friend who suggested my blog😜😜.. Maybe I know that blogger and would thank for suggesting my blog… 😊😊
    Happy blogging….


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