Technology is growing rapidly every decade and we humans are experiencing the essence of technology in almost every walk of our lives.

Marvin Minsky- “Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children”

Every field of technology has a tremendous leap. Briefly transhumanism is nothing but humans working with technology hand in hand. Even now we are so dependent on technology that, we have already started using wearable tech, where we wear tech. Scientists have recently recorded a memory (specifically the memory recorded  was “drinking water”) from a mouse and were successful in planting that particular memory again into the mouse.

In near future we might be able to upload our brain and even download some thoughts. Telepathy may be possible by tracking the brain ways. The Nano bots might be working from the inside of our body to detect deceases. And the Nano clothing which doesn’t need any wash or cleaning. We have already seen the artificial body parts being build. Researchers are working on creation a human eye and the body parts working according to the thoughts in the brain. May be we humans into super humans with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Recently we have seen the “ Back to the future day” October 21 2015, the movie which was released in 1989 and predicted the advancements for 2015. Which gives us a push and reminds us how fast we are expected to advance in the field of science and technology.

This is one way terrifying and one was exciting isn’t it?


  1. Yeah… But few were achieved more than expected.. I think you might be talking about the flying cars and hover boards right… Well… They are under progress… 🤗🤗


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