Teleportation is nothing but converting matter into data, transport that data to a desired position and reassemble it. The very first teleportation was done back in 1998. A photon was teleported one meter. This whole teleportation thing works on the principle of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle ( it tells that we can know speed or position of an object but not both) ,  with this we developed a theory called “QUANTUM ENTAGLEMENT”, learn more about it here Quantum entanglement. This principle tells that any two entangled particles are connected where ever they are in the universe. So, to teleport a photon we need two entangled photons.

  1. Photon A: The photon to be teleported
  2. Photon B: The transporting photon
  3. Photon C: The photon that is entangled with photon B

By entangling photons B and C, researchers can extract some information about photon A, and the remaining information would pass on to B by way of entanglement, and then on to photon C. When researchers apply the information from photon A to photon C, they create an exact replica of photon A. However, photon A no longer exists as it did before the information was sent to photon C.

Well… Till date we were teleporting only photons, but in a human body there are 10^28 atoms.. According to the researchers a human body consists of 3.02*10^32 gigabytes, which might take like forever to teleport, by the way what’s your internet speed? ;);).

There is another problem!!!!

Here comes a clash between the science and philosophy because to teleport matter, matter needs to be converted into data which indirectly means to destroy it first. At this time we were successful in teleporting photon and a few atoms like Cs and Rb. But What if in near future we find a way to teleport actual molecules, even organic molecules, in turn teleporting a real human. To teleport first we indirectly destroy the initial object right, only then the object is converted to data and teleported with all the exact same features and memories as the initial object, then what happens to the soul we all believe in, and the teleported human is actually dead??

Let me know your thoughts… It feels great to be back..

6 thoughts on “TELEPORTATION?

  1. Brilliant… But may be we should wait for that day to come, may be a new Back to the future type movie should come, to get inspired… 😜😜. Thanks for your comment..

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