Since so long, we were been told and made to believe that we only use 10% of our brain. Which is absolutely ridiculous. We use every part of our brain. Even while doing pretty small tasks like sleeping;).

It was believed that, this myth was first proposed by American Psychologist William James. Even Einstein believed this. And many science fiction movies extended this myth. Don’t worry about all that telekinetic stuff and all. We can still do wonders with what we have…

How can we be so sure that this myth is wrong?

Well.. We were been studying our BRAIN for so long and found a bunch of new thing one of them is “NEUROIMAGING TECHNIQUES”, Which basically deals with the brain waves.. Learn more about brain waves from my previous articles here Brain waves. Precisely these techniques show us the activity of our brain. When these techniques were performed, it was found that every part of the brain is “active”, which doesn’t mean that all the parts should work at the same time.

And in recent years it was found that we have 86 billion neurons not 100 billion. Yeah that 14 billion really matters;).

Some believe that, few people are good at right brain and some at left brain, but we use right side of the brain and left side of the brain equally.

So what is the difference between Einsteins brain and our Brain?

Einsteins brain was taken out 8 hours after his death. Usually we have something called Corpus Colosum which acts as a connection between the left side parts of our and the right side of our brain. In Einsteins brain this part is very thick. So, has very thick connections.

According to Neuroplasticity, the more we use our brain the thicker the connections become. So, how do we make our brain more like Einstein? Well… Go ahead and use your brain.

Studies shows that playing a musical instrument helps using our brain more.

So, let me know, what do you “think” ;)?

6 thoughts on “Do you think we only use 10% of our Brain??

  1. I’m so sorry…. But when I see something that does not agree by my knowledge, I have to point it out.
    The use of 10% of our brain is absolutely a common missconception and it is absolutely true that our brain always operates with all of the neurons aka, it’s driving on 100% of working power.
    However the missconception was delivered from the “We are only able to consciously use brain with 10%” And that basically means that when we know that we use our brain we are only aware of some percentage of it’s actions. To clarify, we are not aware of a lot of things that our brain do, because we do those things subconsciously also we would go completly bonkers if we’d always have to think and “tell” our digestive system (as as example) that we ate therefore it has to start digesting the thing we put in it. Besides that, if we would have to consciously use 100% of our brain we would probably die quite fast…. To give an example: When you burn your hand you don’t think about moving your hand (unless you purpously put your hand in fire) you move it because of a reflex. Now you obviously used your brain as neuro signal “translator” but you didn’t consciously used your brain.

    And yeah, that’s basically the story of the “people only use ___% of brain” It’s targeted at the conscious usage of brain, but most people do not know it’s ment like that and just go with a common use of brain power 😛

    Once again, sorry for the long ass comment I just had to write it xD

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  2. It’s perfectly fine and very correct… This is the article to answer those misconceptions of those people who really think they are not “thinking” 😜. What you said was absolutely true, if all involuntary actions are assigned to human itself he need plenty of RAM which he can’t even imagine. You know what I mean right, there are plenty of actions which, we don’t even know exist in our body, if we start thinking strategies to kill foreign bodies entering our body, using our soldiers in our body, we may miss our bus! If we don’t have enough RAM😂😂😂😂
    What you said was 100% correct, only few readers read articles completely👌👌… I missed that point in this article, thanks for pointing it out too..😄😄

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