One of the many theories on dinosaurs extinctions was according to the book “Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs,” by a physicist Randall released on Oct. 27, Precisely Randall’s theory states that this Dark matter, with its gravity, pushed some of the huge masses on to the earth which caused the extinction🙄🙄…Oh wait, what’s Dark matter now?

It is believed that majority of our universe is occupied by Dark matter… We can’t actually see the dark matter, we can only feel the gravity of the dark matter.. Learn more about Dark matter here ….. Dark matter

Well.. There isn’t an exact and accurate theory for this.

 According to extraterrestrial impact theory, on testing a few rocks it was found that extinction event is rich in the metal iridium. This layer is found all over the world, on land and in the oceans. Iridium is rare on Earth but it’s found in meteorites at the same concentration as in this layer. 

This led scientists to postulate that the iridium was scattered worldwide when a comet or asteroid struck somewhere on Earth and then vaporized. A 110-mile-wide crater carved out of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, called Chicxulub, has since been found and dated to 65 million years ago. Many scientists believe the fallout from the impact killed the dinosaurs.

But there is some other fact which contradict this theory….

Earth’s core is also rich in iridium, and the core is the source of magma that some scientists say spewed out in vast, floodlike flows. This volcanism has also been dated to about 65 million years ago.

So, research is still going on… Let me know your theory on the extinction of DINOSAURS..

4 thoughts on “Extinction of DINOSAURS!! Is Dark matter responsible??? 

  1. Comets or volcanic spewing on a massive scale? Perhaps we need to wait for the collapse of the Yellowstone caldera to see the effect of that first-hand.
    My vote is for the comet but perhaps that set off the volcanic activity and it was both?

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  2. Aahaha… This is like nothing is wrong, until it’s a theory… And yeah I heard that too, California university researchers found some remains right.. May be physicists find some more proofs😜😜.. Anyway that’s a possible fact and thanks for your comment..


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