Parallel universes are basically alternate realities, where every possible situation happens. Since there are infinite possibilities, there are infinite number of parallel universes.

Let’s see, what’s a Multiverse?

As the name suggests, a group of Universes makes a Multiverse. The Universe we live in,  might not be the only Universe out there. Our universe might be one in the Infinite number of universes out there.

By theory, we have different types of multiverse theories.

  1. Bubble universes
When we say the word Universe, It actually refers to the observable universe, which we can observe or see. Some part cannot be seen because the light don’t reach us from that part. If we assume a boundary or bubble upto which our universe can be observed, then there are many other bubble around our bubble and each have their own Laws of Physics.
Which explains that, we can only exist in the universe that has our laws.
2. Membranes
The Universe in which we live is 3 dimensional. According to string theory this 3 dimensional space is inside a Super universe with 9 dimensions.
This explains that there are still more 3 dimensional portions in the 9 dimensional super universe.
3. The many worlds
This is the fun theory, this theory predicts that there are many worlds and every possible situation is happened in one or the other worlds. There are different time lines for each. If you know the story of the DC Comics character “The Flash” you will understand this better;)

All these concepts are Theories. There is no experimental evidence. For now, we have the evidence for the Inflation. Learn more about that from my previous article Origin of our Universe. So, as always, ” Everything is true until it’s a theory”.

So, don’t let another you, in another universe, do what you don’t do, in this particular universe. which precisely means don’t make yourself regret;)


14 thoughts on “Parallel Universes??

  1. Going off your “The Flash” reference, “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” plays off of the “many worlds” theory. The idea is if you destroy the original, you destroy all of the other worlds that came from it.

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  2. Yeah! That’s crazy stuff right!! I did read a few flash stories, covers a lot of info about astronomy😜😜😜of course theories…
    Thanks for your comment…😄😄😄

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