Time dilation leads us to time travel!! Sounds great, but kinda weird to explain. Your concept of relative speeds doesn’t work here.

If you and superman are flying with the same speed, then with respect to you, the superman is at rest. This isn’t the case with light, as long as your speed is less than light( though your speed is so close to light), the speed of light doesn’t change with respect to you.

If speed isn’t changing with respect to you, though you are moving, then what is changing? Well… The time is changing. So, this is the key for time travel.

Have you watched the movie “Interstellar”? Yeah you must. When the hero returns to his daughter from another planet probably in other solar system, his daughter becomes more than 90 years old( that is much older than her father). This is time dilation, because of his journey through wormhole.

You could do a flyby of a nearby star and return to Earth at nearly the speed of light, and a few years would pass on Earth while possibly only a few weeks or months would pass for you, depending on how fast you were going and how far away the star was.

Few of my recent articles are related to this one.  RELATIVITY (all about the Einstein’s special and general relativity) and the previous one Stars ( which proves that, even light with such great speed takes “Time” to reach us;)

There is another extension to this article, can you guess one?





10 thoughts on “Move back and forth in time( TIME DILATION)

  1. Ah, in Interstellar the main reason why Cooper aged so little in comparison to his daughter was due to their time on Miller’s planet (the one with those gigantic waves) and more so because of their fly-by of Gragantua (the black hole). I believe that space-time itself is highly warped around the black hole which is the relativistic aspect (rather than the wormhole). The wormhole would have just provided the shortcut through space between two distant regions.

    Keep up the awesome posts!

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  2. First many thanks for making time to read and reviewing it..😄. Yeah.. You are right, but a wormhole briefly consists of two black holes one at each end right😜


  3. good one, mate!But on this note, I’ve something to share, as it seemed contextual! Wormhole, as it has been portrayed by movies, and science fiction, is indeed a kind of passage between two black holes, or as it is believed, two galaxies, but space, or outer-space is not the only place where it can exist. In fact, the effort of making time machine is indeed centered around the concept of wormhole, but, you won’t believe the source. It’s an atom. In subatomic level, there are some bubble shaped quantum states that are being suspected as wormholes. All that is needed is to stabilize them, and we’ll get the time-machine. The ultimate application of time-dilation!

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  4. I have a question actually, what you say is worm hole can be inside an atom and need not be made of black holes, am I correct with what you said? Then what the recipe of wormhole inside an atom?


  5. actually, I don’t know the detail, as I do not have adequate knowledge on quantum physics, but the basic information, that I’ve come to know, is that in subatomic level, the a phenomena called ‘entanglement’ takes place. it is equivalent to a warmhole. According to sciencemag, “Entanglement links quantum particles so that fiddling with one can instantly affect another. According to the bizarre quantum laws that govern the subatomic realm, a tiny particle can be in two opposite conditions or states at once. For example, an atom can spin in one direction or the other—up or down—or both ways at once. That two-way state lasts only until the atom’s spin is measured, however, at which point it “collapses” into either the up or down state. Two atoms can then be entangled so that both spin two ways at once but their spins are completely correlated, so that, for example, they point in opposite directions. Then, if the first atom is measured and found to be spin up, the second atom will instantly collapse into the down state, even if it’s light-years away.”
    actually, the link is a mere mathematical analogy, but that’s what theoretical physics is all about, ain’t it! 🙂

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