We’re swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation produced by electrical appliances and other technologies everyday, that are part of modern life.

Your phone sends radiofrequency, or RF, waves from its antenna to nearby cell towers, and receives RF waves to its antenna from cell towers when you make a call or text or use data. The frequency of a cell phone’s RF waves falls between those emitted by FM radios and those from microwave ovens, all of which are considered “non-ionizing” forms of radiation.

That means that unlike radiation from a nuclear explosion, the radiation from your phone does not carry enough energy to directly break or alter your DNA, which is one way that cancer can occur. FM radios and microwaves don’t harm us because they aren’t held close to your head when in use and because microwave ovens have shielding that offers protection.

Many studies were done and the results were not accurate. As of now there are more mobile phones than the total humans on our planet, which means the rate of tumour should increase as the cell phones are increasing, but it isn’t. 

In my view, cellphones are not that harmfull. Checkout my previous article on Radiation here (Most radioactive places on earth).

What do you think?




6 thoughts on “Does cell phones cause tumour?

  1. Maybe not… Because, they both aren’t similar right.. Laptops use wifi(wifi waves) and cell phones use radio waves…😳😳
    But I really need to search an accurate answer for it. I am not sure yet..🙈🙈


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