Smart tools are everywhere now. Likewise many manufacturers are diving into the development of Augmented reality( learn more about augmented reality and VR here VR vs AR )Even BMW is working on something related to augmented reality, motorcycle helmets that let drivers keep tabs on their gas levels and RPMs without glancing down from the road. The helmet also features front and rear cameras.

Some rare fighter pilots have been using augmented reality built into their helmets for years to keep an eye on the plane’s gauges, monitors, and weapons systems without having to look down. Now that technology is coming to motorcycle riders, with BMW and DigiLens.

We may argue that, displaying some info on the screen doesn’t make it augmented reality, but DigiLens does manage to drop a layer over the rider’s view that enhances real world road environments.

The helmet’s functions are actuated with controls on the left handlebar (which is good, because mucking with controls on the helmet itself while riding could get a little messy). It also has a forward-facing action cam that can record your ride, and a rear-facing camera that can be used as a virtual rear-view mirror in the heads-up display. The system is powered by removable batteries that are good for a claimed five hours of life.

A quick reminder, this is kinda similar to Google glass!! And some sources says that BMW is also working on some innovative cars which use augmented reality.

All these developments, in installing new technologies in various unique tools is due to INTERNET OF THINGS, which brings various indifferent things under a common roof so called Internet. Learn more about INTERNET OF THINGS here Internet of things.

So, let me know your thoughts about this…


  1. You know what, I used to be my obsession! Launching an app on android, at least coming up with an app ideal…
    Later on I thought that isn’t my thing and started blogging..😜😜

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  2. Exactly, I hate anything that forces me do or write a piece of code again and again for just eliminate errorsπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. Sometimes I wonder, technology is so advanced, and we still talk to computers in unknown language πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

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  3. Lol I don’t know whether I too have patience to get so involved in all these…. at one point of time I used to think that I’ll dedicate my life to science and its development…. but now….I guess I’ve become more worldly…. if someday I make a lot of money….I’ll try to fund something.

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  4. AI is making a lot of advancement in that field…. but at the end of the day its just metal box you do have to code it to work.
    But someday if computers start thinking for themselves and start making robots for themselves…… it really can go bad, physically and mentally undefeatable…. they have already started incorporating programmable tissues…..I would just like to keep the harness to man’s hand.

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