Are you just resting and reading this right now? Even then, you are moving with a great speed! By now you might have guessed what I am gonna talk about “The earths rotation”. Let’s go deep into space…

Let’s start small, as you move from the earths equator to the poles your rotation speed decreases. As the equator is the fastest at 1600kmph! Even with small speeds of cars, we inside the car feel the speed, then at that great speed of earth, we don’t feel a thing! why?

Because, earth is moving at a fixed rate, and we’re all moving along with it, and that’s why we don’t feel Earth’s spin. But in case of a car, the speed isn’t uniform. If Earths spin were suddenly to speed up or slow down, you would definitely feel it.

Let’s get back on track. Earth is travelling around the Sun, the Sun moves around the center of Milky- Way, the Milky-Way moves within the local group of Galaxies, these local groups moves within the Vergo cluster and so on…. As of now that is all we know! And that’s a stupendous speed…

The speed of moon from earth is different from the speed of moon observed from somewhere in the space. This is because the speed is relative. There is nothing called absolute speed. Even rest is relative. But the change in speed is same or absolute.

And again we are on the earth and the earth is “in” the system moving with the same speed as the system. So we don’t feel and thing.

And we are puny little beings in this gigantic universe travelling with a tremendous speed, ” which we don’t feel a thing”;)…


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