Thank you so much Sahana from “Jazz lily” for nominating me for this Blogger Recognition award. She is a very talented writer. And her blog is really good. Go ahead and check out her blog.   Jazz lily

Here are the rules for this award…


(1) write a post to show your Award

(2) Acknowledge the Blogger that nominated you

(3) Give a brief story about how you get started blogging

(4) Give two pieces of Advice for new bloggers

(5)  Nominate the deserving 15 bloggers

So, here is how it all started. The idea of creating something like a website, which should contain all the stuff related to Science and Technology, was on my mind for so long. Before I started this blog, I don’t know where to start, I literally searched every possible source. In this search, I learnt so much about SEO(search engine optimisation) and stuff, with GREAT struggle, I actually created a free self-hosted website which shows adverticements more than my articles.

And I realised that building a self-hosted website actually need skills which comes through experience. Finally I thought of creating some blog, where I don’t need to worry about anything but content. That is how I came across WordPress.

And my blog’s Title!!

Well… I wanted my blog to be useful, whoever reads it, should be able to understand and finally I wanted it to be cool;)

Advice for new bloggers:

I am not so experienced or famous here. But I have spent more than a year here. So, here are two tips from what i have learned.

  1. Don’t write trending topics only to get readers, write what’s on your mind.
  2. Read and review other blogs…
  3. One extra suggestion for YOU!! People suggest to tag and categorize but they won’t tell how many tags are to be given.. The fact is wordpress do not put your article on to the followed tags portal( where people search and read article on wordpress) if you tags count is more than 15. The same is with the categories…

Finally here’s the tough part of any award post.. NOMINATIONS!!! I have nominated a few of my favorite blogs. Some of he blogs in this list,,, I visit them once in a while just to read the new articles if any.. Many bloggers are fed up with the awards and stopped doing award posts. No problem, do write if interested… But I am so glad for this nomination. Again, thank you so much Sahana for nominating me.





Smiling all the way to heaven



Entropy of consciousness







Breezing Whims


Life event observation



Science and rationality


Never stop exploring






  1. Thank you for nominating me! But sadly, I’m not doing tags and awards right now 😛


  2. Thank you once again Abhijit! You get so many awards, by now I’ve even memorised the story of how you got into blog :p 😉
    Congratulations btw!! Hope everything’s going fantastic for you chotu :p

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha well currently I’m not dealing with apps anymore……one day maybe I’ll come up with some app but right now ‘no app in store’ but the course was very fun. Maybe you too can do a course…..its fun and smooth.

    Liked by 1 person

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