Nokia is back in the game with it’s all new flagship mobile phone! So, this would be the correct time to know the rise, fall and rise of this most valuable brand “Nokia”. Nokia, one of the most successful mobile company of late 1990’s and early 2000’s. First mobile phone of most of you guys reading this might be from Nokia. But what happened to this company later on? Why this mobile giant back then, isn’t on par with it’s competitors later on? Let’s see the complete story from the start.

The company was started in the year 1865, but back then the company wasn’t a mobile manufacturing company. A mining engineer Fredrik Idestam started his first wood pulp mill in Sothern Finland and his second mill at the bank of the river Nokia. That’s how the company got it’s name. In the coming years, nokia started manufacturing rubber, tvs, wires, tires etc…In 1960’s at the time of cold war, there was a tension situation going on and the Finland government wanted military research on radio telephone communication. There you go, the company Nokia got the opportunity to do exactly that.


By 1970’s the company started building car telephone network. Nokia also make the car communication devices reliable and small. By 1985, it expanded globally. In 1987, Nokia introduced its first mobile phone , it’s called Mobira Cityman 900. In 1992 Jorma Jaakko Ollila  became the CEO of Nokia, this was the golden time for the company. Jorma Jaakko Ollila only concentrated on mobile manufacturing and closed all other projects.

No company was so good as Nokia in making mobile phones, exactly the way they are ment to be. In 1992 the company introduced first ever GSM mobile phone to the world(Nokia 1011) . After that, in 1994 they introduced a mobile phone called Nokia 2110, which isn’t bulky as other contemporary phones were back then. Also it was the first phone to display missed calls, send and receive text messages.

In 1997, they released Nokia 6110, which gave the most loved, played and  fun game “the snake game”. It was the first phone ever to showcase that game. By 1998, nokia has become the number one mobile phone manufacturer. Until 2003, Nokia was unstoppable. It make 3g phones, camera phones etc… After 2003 Nokia started experimenting on design and all.


In 2006, Nokia’s management changed. And N95 phone was released, which was a very good phone. But not as good as the phone released by Apple Inc. “The iPhone” with a capacitive full touch internet enabled mobile phone. Before the Nokia recovers from a big blow from Apple, Google released its mobile phone software “Android”. To compete these two devices, nokia released its 5800, which was good, but again couldn’t compete.

In 2008, in order to compete with other manufacturers, Nokia started working on software using its Symbian team and meego team. There was competition within the company, between Symbian and meego. Which inturn lead to delays. And the other wrong step took by the management of nokia was, denying to work with Android.

In 2010, Elop became the CEO. Elop was a former employee of Microsoft. They did released some bunch of very good phones at his time, but there was no team work at all and not many apps in their software meego when compared to the android and app store. So, meego was closed in 2012. In 2011 Nokia make a partnership with Microsoft. Later on a lot of phones powered by Microsoft were released. Even the partnership with Microsoft didn’t help nokia to see a big success. It was like the end of glory days for Nokia, Microsoft took over the mobile manufacturing  division. Elop, from the CEO of nokia, went on joining Microsoft again. This move of Elop raised a lot of questions.


Rise again:

Now, in 2017 Nokia is back after the contract with Microsoft. Now, Nokia can manufacture devices with its own brand. Recently Nokia has announced a new line of smart phones, which are amazing. I personally feel, Nokia might gain its charm back. I am looking forward to this years MWC ( mobile world congress) on February  27th.


Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts. And here’s my other blog please do read it too…



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