Technology is growing rapidly every decade and we humans are experiencing the essence of technology in almost every walk of our lives.

Marvin Minsky- “Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children”

Every field of technology has a tremendous leap. Briefly transhumanism is nothing but humans working with technology hand in hand. Even now we are so dependent on technology that, we have already started using wearable tech, where we wear tech. Scientists have recently recorded a memory (specifically the memory recorded  was “drinking water”) from a mouse and were successful in planting that particular memory again into the mouse.

In near future we might be able to upload our brain and even download some thoughts. Telepathy may be possible by tracking the brain ways. The Nano bots might be working from the inside of our body to detect deceases. And the Nano clothing which doesn’t need any wash or cleaning. We have already seen the artificial body parts being build. Researchers are working on creation a human eye and the body parts working according to the thoughts in the brain. May be we humans into super humans with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Recently we have seen the “ Back to the future day” October 21 2015, the movie which was released in 1989 and predicted the advancements for 2015. Which gives us a push and reminds us how fast we are expected to advance in the field of science and technology.

This is one way terrifying and one was exciting isn’t it?

“GOOGLE Project SOLI”, Replacing Physical Controls on Smart devices!!!

Google, a giant company, involved in various fields, . This company is pushing the boundaries of innovation. One of such greatest innovations in recent times is “The Project SOLI” which deals with the RADAR finger gestures to interact with our smart devices. Own finger-waving way to control the devices without having to reply on the smartphone. It’s Project Soli replaces the physical controls of smartwatches with your hands using radar to capture your movements.

The all New iOS 9.

Before we get into the new improvements and features, let me tell you that for the first time Apple is releasing a public beta of iOS 9 before the release of full version of iOS 9. We have seen the public beta release for “Mac” in last year’s WWDC, now it’s iOS time. And to get the public beta, we need to register first, to do that Click here and register by signing in with your Apple ID.


All improvements on iOS 9 is shown in the above. That one picture talks a lot about iOS 9.

Brief New “Improvements” and “Features” on iOS 9 are:

Improved SIRI
Improved Apple Pay
Improved Maps
Improved Keyboard
Improved device passcode
Improved Spotlight 

Apple Music

News App

Track pad on the ipad  

Transit In Maps

Rich-Text Notes

” SAYGUS V SQUARED ” The Dream Smart Phone .

We rarely see this type of tech around which is a complete package of high end specifications, even more what we expect. Within 5 days in ” crowd funding campaign on indiegogo “, it reached a huge 5 million dollar. With this great achievement and hype, they started publishing their features to the people through a series of videos.

This dream phone so called ” Saygus V Squared ” has a built in 64GB storage, with a tremendous amount of additional storage of two ” 200 GD ” SD card slots. This smart phone has two sim card slots.

If you are selfie freak then you gotta see this. This little piece of tech has got a 13MP front facing camera. Aside from boasting the highest pixel count at the moment (yes, a shared record with the already available HTC Desire Eye, and a few others), the front shooter has optical image stabilization. Well, the primary 21MP camera does too, but somehow it doesn’t get a video of its own, go figure.

V Squared has finger print sensor which sits on the side of the phone. It activates through swipes.

All this is powered by a huge 3,100 mah removable battery. Also V Squared is a water proof smart phone.