Virtual Reality vs Holograms

These days the trend is to innovate, the technology giants all over the world are experimenting to innovate new thing rather improving same old stuff. The companies like Google and Microsoft are doing it. Now let’s talk something about those innovations.


The “Virtual Reality (VR), sometimes referred to as immersive multimedia. A Virtual Reality is that which shows us a virtual world, which actually isn’t real. For example to examine a specific place, Virtual reality makes us feel that we are really in the field. For example, if we put on our earphones, we only hear to the music created in the earphones. In a very similar way, the VR headsets word. The company Google did something great with it’s Google cardboard, which helps people all over the world to create their own DIY VR headsets with few simple steps. To make your own headsets, check it out here ,How to make VR headsets?

To learn about the Google cardboard here Google cardboard.

To learn about the HTC VIVE VR click here htc vive VR.


Unlike virtual reality, which takes us all the way to a new reality, Holograms are those which creates some 3 Dimensional objects in our “own reality”. The HoloLens can create realistic  3 dimensional images and place those images in the world around you. So, when we see through a hololens. we will be able to see all those realistic 3 dimensional objects created around us. It is nothing but Augmenting something into our own reality, so it is also known as AUGMENTED REALITY. The technology giant Microsoft has did something great with this concept of hologram.

Learn more about Microsoft hologram here, MICROSOFT HOLOGRAM.


Best Google Cardboard Apps

Best Google Cardboard apps to download and enjoy the virtual reality ride

If you’ve recently invested in a Google Cardboard, or an alternative virtual reality headset, hunting out the most impressive VR-friendly apps in the Google Play Store is not the easiest thing to do.

There isn’t a massive selection to choose from at the moment, although I have managed to find some great apps.


This is one of the finest apps you find for your google cardboard VR. This app allows you to to have a full cinematic experience. With CMOAR VR CINEMA you can watch any movie on your device in VR. It feels like you are in a theater. That’s a truly amazing experience. But it’s a paid app, and it actually worth it. Or you can download it for free, you know what i mean…..

2. Tuscany Dive

Tuscany Dive

One of the best looking VR games we’ve come across for Google Cardboard, Tuscany Dive takes you on a little journey of a Tuscan villa. Peer down at the red circle at your feet to start walking, and then you can explore the villa inside and out. It’s like a first attempt at a virtual holiday, and it’s enjoyable while getting you used to walking around using a VR headset without a controller.

You might even imagine the wind ruffling through your hair. Well, maybe.

Download Tuscany Dive now

3. Proton Pulse Google Cardboard

Proton Pulse

Like Pong on acid, Proton Pulse is a great game for Google Cardboard, which uses your head as the paddle. Just like other brick-breaking titles, the premise is simple, but the whirling colours and tunnel-structures make this a great entry to the Google Cardboard game catalogue – and there really aren’t that many of note. You’ll be tilting your head and getting that ball spinning expertly in no time at all.

Download Proton Pulse now

4. VR Roller Coaster

 VR Roller Coaster

 Riding a rollercoaster should be fun and it can be even with a VR headset strapped to your head. There are quite a few roller coaster VR simulations, but we feel that Frag’s attempt is the crispest and offers the best experience from your mobile VR headset. You might even get a few stomach churns as you go around the bends and loops 😉

Download VR Roller Coaster now

5.  Lamper

Lamper VR

If you’re looking for a little gaming fun on the Google Cardboard, Lamper is a great mobile game to download. You play as little Lamper – albeit in a third person view – and you’ll have to guide him through a series of treacherous tunnels. As with other platformers, you’ll need to avoid hazards and collect sweets along the way to try and get the highest score.

Download Lamper VR now

6.Volvo Reality

Volvo Reality

Volvo is one of the first mainstream companies to try its hand at a VR demonstration in the form of an app. The Volvo Reality App lets you test-drive the Volvo XC90 without even having to leave your chair. You’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the new Volvo SUB and be offered a trio of experimental videos in this VR app. Our particular favourite is the Friday Getaway as within seconds you’re driving through the mountains and fields in your brand new Volvo XC90 without the travel costs.

Download Volvo Reality now

7. Orbulus

Orbulus VR

As you’re transported into some sort of interstellar holding room, you’ll notice the titular orbs suddenly wheel in around you. Each orb represents a 360-degree panorama taken around the globe. Each of these can be entered into and experience from the very centre of that photograph. They might not be interactive or even moving images, but there’s something very magical about the choices made by VRCraftworks as to what to include.

Download Orbulus now

8.Google Cardboard

Cardboard Windy DayIf we created a list of best VR apps without the official Google Cardboard app, we’d be missing a trick. Cardboard offers you a selection of virtual reality demos to give you an initial taster of what you can do with a VR headset. You can play around with a VR version of Google Earth, watch YouTube videos, walk around inside the photo spheres you’ve captured and even examine cultural artefacts.

We particularly like the Windy Day interactive animated short cartoon, especially when you realise there are a few Easter Eggs to discover.

Download Google Cardboard now

9.VR Cinema for Cardboard

VR Cinema for Cardboard

You can use the Google Cardboard or other such devices to create your own little personal cinema experience. VR Cinema for Cardboard turns MP4 format videos (and other formats if you pay for the pro version) into a split-screen view for the VR headsets. Some have had issues with SBS and avi video formats, but we’ve been enjoying the MP4 files from our video library with the Archos headset at home when the main TV is in use.

Download VR Cinema for Cardboard now

10. Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR

Fibrum has quite a few VR games out thanks to its own VR Headset, but Zombie Shooter VR is definitely the best. You’ll be transported into a holding room where you can pick your weapon. When you’re ready, stare at the green circle on the door and you’ll find yourself in a never-ending labyrinth of subways, overrun with bloodthirsty zombies.

To kill the approaching zombies, simply look at them.

Download Zombie Shooter VR now