Science of becoming Batman!!!

“Batman”, he’s one of the most famous and a rare superhero without supernatural powers. He’s just an ordinary man rather billionaire with extraordinary skills. But it took so much more than money in becoming a superhero…

We have most of what Batman has in the world today, there are people who can do chunks of what Batman can do. That include driving ability, the acrobatic ability, the fighting ability, high intelligence with multiple degrees etc… But we don’t see all those abilities and skills in one person. The physical training routine was estimated and published here Batman training routine. Lets see a small part of his training, he can bench 1000 pounds(454 kgs), can leg press 2500 pounds and does high end calisthenics, I am jealous! that’s some crazy stuff!!! Even a book “becoming batman” was written by E. Paul Zehr.


It is hard for someone to train such hard and still maintain his calorie intake and for muscle recovery. He should need plenty of hours of sleep. But the batman fights crime more at nights. So, how he could be able to manage train, fight crime and recover? lets see about his training part before he became “The Bat of Gotham”( batman).

Under the age of 15, he managed to learn all the sciences, languages and marshal arts. He went to many prestigious universities mastering various subjects, he trained boxing, travelled to various parts of the world learned many skills, worked with great detectives, learned almost all forms of fighting styles existed. Learned many yoga techniques, one of which makes him able to get some thing called Rem sleep (actual sleep). Learned “Tummo meditation”, which makes him to control even his body temperature and limit amount of oxygen he consumes..

All it took for Bruse wayne to become Batman was remarkable determination. Becoming batman is not the only thing left in this world, except supernatural we could become anything in the world with exceptional determination…