Google Project Ara( An innovative piece’s’ of smart phone)

All the projects that Google is working on, like Project Ara, Project fi, Project Soli, Project wing, Project balloon, Project Tango and many more are super cool.

In my view this year Google I/O 2016 was mostly about AI and VR. Last year I have read about “Google Project Ara” and that really freaked me out. Now let’s see what actually is Project Ara.

Google Project Ara wants to do to hardware what apps did to software.


By creating a phone that can have each component changed, all the main components are interchangeable via modules that click in and out, attaching via electro permanent magnets.

Google believes it will drive down hardware pricing while allowing users to pick and choose what they want. That’s what Google’s Project Ara a modular smartphone aims to do. No need to buy a new Smartphone due to some damage just change the respective module. At last we can say only one thing that it’s a flexible platform suitable for everyone, everywhere and any time. It allows developers to be able to create modules for its Ara device.

So, let me know what do you think…

Do you think we only use 10% of our Brain??

Since so long, we were been told and made to believe that we only use 10% of our brain. Which is absolutely ridiculous. We use every part of our brain. Even while doing pretty small tasks like sleeping;).

It was believed that, this myth was first proposed by American Psychologist William James. Even Einstein believed this. And many science fiction movies extended this myth. Don’t worry about all that telekinetic stuff and all. We can still do wonders with what we have…

How can we be so sure that this myth is wrong?

Well.. We were been studying our BRAIN for so long and found a bunch of new thing one of them is “NEUROIMAGING TECHNIQUES”, Which basically deals with the brain waves.. Learn more about brain waves from my previous articles here Brain waves. Precisely these techniques show us the activity of our brain. When these techniques were performed, it was found that every part of the brain is “active”, which doesn’t mean that all the parts should work at the same time.

And in recent years it was found that we have 86 billion neurons not 100 billion. Yeah that 14 billion really matters;).

Some believe that, few people are good at right brain and some at left brain, but we use right side of the brain and left side of the brain equally.

So what is the difference between Einsteins brain and our Brain?

Einsteins brain was taken out 8 hours after his death. Usually we have something called Corpus Colosum which acts as a connection between the left side parts of our and the right side of our brain. In Einsteins brain this part is very thick. So, has very thick connections.

According to Neuroplasticity, the more we use our brain the thicker the connections become. So, how do we make our brain more like Einstein? Well… Go ahead and use your brain.

Studies shows that playing a musical instrument helps using our brain more.

So, let me know, what do you “think” ;)?

Computers more like a human “BRAIN”??

Our brain is very intelligent, efficient and accurate. The artificial intelligence deals all about making computers more like humans. Since so long we were been successful in replacing humans with computers and now with the artificial intelligence we stepped ahead trying to make computers more efficient, even letting computers make decisions more like a human.. So let’s see few of the most basic concepts on which the artificial intelligence runs…


Neural Networks:

Since ages we had been trying to make computers more like a human brain. And the neural networks are inspired by a human brain. There are billions of neurons in a human brain and they communicate with electrical impulses so called synapsis. These electrical impulses are responsible for our brain to think. So, in a very similar way, scientists have developed a theory called neural networks. Neural networks make use of several principles like Gradient- based training, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms. Neural networks are extensively used in the field of artificial intelligence.

Fuzzy logic

Till date the computers were very precise and their approach was true or false that is 0 or 1. On the other hand a Fuzzy logic deals with the “degree of truth”. For an instance consider a car with automatic breaking system, in case of a traditional logic the breaks of the car can be ON or OFF, though that intense break is required or not. But in case of a Fuzzy logic the intensity can be adjusted as required. Briefly in traditional logic only 1 or 0 values are applied and in a fuzzy logic any values between 1 and 0 are applied.



There are some nodes (artificial neurons) inter linked with each other similar to the neurons which create electrical signals in a human brain to communicate. A neuron takes an input and gives out an output. When plenty of nodes are inter linked, so they are separated as input node, hidden nodes and output nodes. The connection strength between nodes is represented with Connection weights. If two particular nodes( say A and B connect to C ) are given two values then the information is transferred to the C from either A or B depending on their connection weights between them. This process continues throughout the hidden nodes and an output is given.


Fuzzy logic helps to make decisions more like a human. It counts plenty of aspects to make a decision. To do this fuzzy logic uses two things fuzzy sets and fuzzy rules. These helps to make decisions more accurately( more like a human)… Watch out the video below for a better understanding..

Also check out my article on Quantum Computing.

This one I wrote it for an unaccomplished task of a paper presentation. So, I thought this would be cool sharing this interesting topic… And I am working on, to create a YouTube channel.. So what do you think of it? Will that be great sharing this “Informatic cool stuff” through a video??



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Illusion literally means making fun off. It is a distortion of our senses. We experience illusions because of slight errors in our brain. The higher contrast elements are seen sooner than the lower contrast once, when these contrasts are arranged in a certain way, we experience a moving illusion.

There are many types of illusions. Illusions are fun and sometimes they also turns out to be a big disaster. The illusions are extensively used in architecture.

The word “illusion” is used to denote different aspects in Hindu philosophy. Many monist philosophies clearly demarcate illusion from truth and falsehood. Per advaita philosophy, illusion is something which is not true and not false. Whereas in general usage it is common to assume that illusion is false, Hindu philosophy makes a distinction between Maya (illusion) and falsehood.

It is pretty tough to explain Illusion. The illusion is so great to see than to read, so i suggest you to watch out the video.

Moving Green Dot Illusion
by Michael Bach

Stare at the black cross in the center and notice a green dot rotating. Now try concentrating really hard and steady at the cross for a long time. If you do it right, the pink dots will disappear and you’ll only see the green dot rotating.

However, nowhere does green exist in this illusion except in your brain!

If you follow the movement of the rotating green dot, the green will dissapear.

Color word illusion

Look at each word and speak out the colors, not the word. Part of your brain tries to identify the color while another part of your brain reads the word. This regional brain conflict can produce errors in perception.

The way you look at an object can affect how you see it. Sometimes there are two images in the same picture, but you can only see one at a time so your brain chooses one (when it deals with too much information).

Version of the image first created
by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd 


“Recording a DREAM” Is that even possible?

Can we record dreams? Well… the answer is yes, now the scientists are able to record our dreams, they predict that in the future they may be able to plant a dream as well.

A dream is a collection of images, situations, thoughts and imaginations. Usually we forget our dreams 95% of them. Failing to remember a dream later on when you’re awake doesn’t mean you weren’t aware of it when it occurred.

The remarkable breakthrough makes use of a fairly straightforward idea: that when we visualize certain types of objects in our minds, our brains generate consistent neural patterns that can then be correlated with what is being visualized. For instance, when you imagine a chair, your brain fires in a pattern that occurs whenever a chair is visualized. An algorithm can then be used to tie the data from a brain scan to the appropriate correlated images. And Your dream can be reconstructed.

The dream thus constructed is 60% correct. Well… This is a great move in understanding our brain though.

So, let me know your favorite dream, wait! do you even remember it? 😉