What’s the colour of a “MIRROR”

“MIRROR” one of the rare ways to see our self. Ever questioned about the colour of a mirror?

Firstly, how a colour is formed? when light falls on an object, say an orange coloured thing, then all colours except orange, are absorbed into the object and the orange colour is diffused into your eyes. Now as we know, how a colour is formed, applying the same to a mirror. When a white light falls on the surface of a mirror, then all colours are reflected back equally.

With this can we say that the colour of a mirror is white? Well.. wait all this is applicable to a perfect mirror, all the mirrors we use aren’t perfect, infact we don’t have a perfect mirror. So a little part of light is absorbed. This can be explained by looking at the graph of spectra of a mirror. The light is best reflected at 510 nanometer range, which is the range of green light.

So, we can say that the colour of the mirror is very little bit of green.


This can actually be observed, when two mirrors are parallel and infinite images are formed, with each reflection a bit of light is lost, but green least of all.