Hurrah! My blog turns an year now…

Hurrah! It’s been an year now. One thing’s for sure, blogging community here is awesome. I learnt so much here. Now, my blog turns an year and I got an year of experience in blogging. This is a huge thing to me. So, I thought, why not make this article a huge one too. Before you get mad at me scrolling down and down and wondering where it ends, let me explain you something.

When I did my 100th article with 100 followers (Celebrating 100th article with 100 followers). I thought I would write my 200th article with 200 followers but, it didn’t happen now. This is my 153rd article with 210 followers;);) The funny thing is I got the followers count, as I said before  bloggers here are really awesome, but I didn’t reach my articles count;);) It’s pretty genuine though, you don’t want to read junk and I don’t want to write articles to just satisfy the count.

Moving on, as you scroll down, hopefully you find some really interesting articles. And there are so many of them. Trust me you won’t be disappointed because, all my favourite articles are listed below. The good thing is, almost all of my articles are listed. Favourites till my 100th were listed in one article and from 100th to this particular article are listed below. So, this is an eye feasting article, atleast to me;)

If you have read and still remember my 100th article you might have noticed that, a few dialogs are similar right? Yeah! In case you don’t reach the end of this article reading and scrolling, let me tell you something. Thank you so much for making this happen, thank you for your support and thanks for your suggestions. Appreciate it!

Celebrating 100th article with 100 followers ( Start with this, but don’t get struck here with so many articles;))

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Technology is growing rapidly every decade and we humans are experiencing the essence of technology in almost every walk of our lives.

Marvin Minsky- “Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children”

Every field of technology has a tremendous leap. Briefly transhumanism is nothing but humans working with technology hand in hand. Even now we are so dependent on technology that, we have already started using wearable tech, where we wear tech. Scientists have recently recorded a memory (specifically the memory recorded  was “drinking water”) from a mouse and were successful in planting that particular memory again into the mouse.

In near future we might be able to upload our brain and even download some thoughts. Telepathy may be possible by tracking the brain ways. The Nano bots might be working from the inside of our body to detect deceases. And the Nano clothing which doesn’t need any wash or cleaning. We have already seen the artificial body parts being build. Researchers are working on creation a human eye and the body parts working according to the thoughts in the brain. May be we humans into super humans with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Recently we have seen the “ Back to the future day” October 21 2015, the movie which was released in 1989 and predicted the advancements for 2015. Which gives us a push and reminds us how fast we are expected to advance in the field of science and technology.

This is one way terrifying and one was exciting isn’t it?

“QUARTZ WATCH” How does it work?

The Quartz watches are the most extensively used watches because of their most accurate Timekeeping.

The watch uses a tiny piece of quartz crystal which is the main ingredient of sand “silicon-dioxide” , Quartz crystals are piezoelectric, which means that they generate an electrical charge when mechanical pressure is applied to them. They also vibrate if an electrical charge is applied to them. The frequency of this vibration is a function of the cut and shape of the crystal. Quartz crystals can be cut at a consistent size and shape to vibrate at thousands of times per second(around 32,000Hz), making them extremely stable resonators for keeping very accurate time.

If you have read my previous posts, you might be knowing what exactly “Piezoelectricity” is. If you missed it here’s the link Piezoelectricity.

This is how Quartz looks in a watch.

That quartz crystal serves as the oscillator. The battery sends electricity to the quartz crystal through an electronic circuit.  The circuit counts the vibrations and generates regular electric pulses of one per second. Now the motor comes into picture, the electric pulses when reaches the motor, the motor turns the seconds hand and the clock works,

Higher accuracy devices generally use a material with even higher frequencies (again the frequency must be as stable as possible). Atomic clocks count the oscillations between the nucleus and the electrons in an atom (typically cesium) which oscillate at around 9 billion Hz.