Hurrah! My blog turns an year now…

Hurrah! It’s been an year now. One thing’s for sure, blogging community here is awesome. I learnt so much here. Now, my blog turns an year and I got an year of experience in blogging. This is a huge thing to me. So, I thought, why not make this article a huge one too. Before you get mad at me scrolling down and down and wondering where it ends, let me explain you something.

When I did my 100th article with 100 followers (Celebrating 100th article with 100 followers). I thought I would write my 200th article with 200 followers but, it didn’t happen now. This is my 153rd article with 210 followers;);) The funny thing is I got the followers count, as I said before  bloggers here are really awesome, but I didn’t reach my articles count;);) It’s pretty genuine though, you don’t want to read junk and I don’t want to write articles to just satisfy the count.

Moving on, as you scroll down, hopefully you find some really interesting articles. And there are so many of them. Trust me you won’t be disappointed because, all my favourite articles are listed below. The good thing is, almost all of my articles are listed. Favourites till my 100th were listed in one article and from 100th to this particular article are listed below. So, this is an eye feasting article, atleast to me;)

If you have read and still remember my 100th article you might have noticed that, a few dialogs are similar right? Yeah! In case you don’t reach the end of this article reading and scrolling, let me tell you something. Thank you so much for making this happen, thank you for your support and thanks for your suggestions. Appreciate it!

Celebrating 100th article with 100 followers ( Start with this, but don’t get struck here with so many articles;))

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How were the PYRAMIDS built?

Pyramids are one of the most extraordinary constructions of the ancient world. Since ages we were trying to find out how these pyramids were constructed and how they did manage to pile all those heavy stone. We had many theories too.. But in 2014 Physicists found the answer!

So, the recipe was simple water and sand! The ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids may have been able to move massive stone blocks across the desert by wetting the sand in front of a contraption built to pull the heavy objects.

Physicists at the University of Amsterdam investigated the forces needed to pull weighty objects on a giant sled over desert sand, and discovered that dampening the sand in front of the primitive device reduces friction on the sled, due to which the Egyptians were able to move heavy rock each weighing nearly ton.


But the proportion of water and sand is important. “If you use dry sand, it won’t work as well, but if the sand is too wet, it won’t work either,” Bonn said. “There’s an optimum stiffness.”

The picture below was actually an Egyptian painting explaining the construction of a pyramid, but until now it was mistakenly interpreted to some other painting explaining water purification.



And yeah it feels good to be back!!;)

Extinction of DINOSAURS!! Is Dark matter responsible??? 

One of the many theories on dinosaurs extinctions was according to the book “Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs,” by a physicist Randall released on Oct. 27, Precisely Randall’s theory states that this Dark matter, with its gravity, pushed some of the huge masses on to the earth which caused the extinction🙄🙄…Oh wait, what’s Dark matter now?

It is believed that majority of our universe is occupied by Dark matter… We can’t actually see the dark matter, we can only feel the gravity of the dark matter.. Learn more about Dark matter here ….. Dark matter

Well.. There isn’t an exact and accurate theory for this.

 According to extraterrestrial impact theory, on testing a few rocks it was found that extinction event is rich in the metal iridium. This layer is found all over the world, on land and in the oceans. Iridium is rare on Earth but it’s found in meteorites at the same concentration as in this layer. 

This led scientists to postulate that the iridium was scattered worldwide when a comet or asteroid struck somewhere on Earth and then vaporized. A 110-mile-wide crater carved out of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, called Chicxulub, has since been found and dated to 65 million years ago. Many scientists believe the fallout from the impact killed the dinosaurs.

But there is some other fact which contradict this theory….

Earth’s core is also rich in iridium, and the core is the source of magma that some scientists say spewed out in vast, floodlike flows. This volcanism has also been dated to about 65 million years ago.

So, research is still going on… Let me know your theory on the extinction of DINOSAURS..


This is a big moment for me. This is my 100th post with more than 100 wordpress followers ( 104 followers ;)). Thank you so much guys, thanks for all your support, thanks to all those famous wordpress bloggers who supported me, gave answers to many silly questions of mine. My blog has got 2 100’s this time.  So this post has got some significance and this post should be big.

For that reason I have decided to link all my favourite articles on my blog. Damn this is too tough to select few from 100, all 100 are my favourite, let’s see how many I choose. Here we go..

Well before you read my favourite posts, let me tell you something. All those you are about read are those which are most interesting and fascinating things I shared on my blog since I started, everything I learnt, every fascinating thing I shared, every award I got. Thanks to all my followers and readers of my blog. Hey you know what all these lines are to be written at the bottom, but I have a doubt that you may not reach the bottom scrolling all the way down 😉 that’s a huge list with full of cool, fascinating, informatic and interesting stuff. Trust me that’s worth reading.

Thanks for bearing me😜😜 keep reading my blog and keep bearing me… 😜😜

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Was there any “FIRST HUMAN” back then?

Me myself, I am a human, my parents are humans, my great great grand father is a human. Now what about my ansistor before 375 million years ago? Well…. That was a fish!!

Ok let’s see the time line of evolution, 20,000 years back there was a human “Mesolithik Man”.


->Back to 200,000 years ago we get still a human “Paleolithik Man”.


->Back to 1.5 million years ago that’s not a human, that’s a ” Homo Erectus”.


->Now 25 million years ago, that was so called ” Proconsul”, quite similar to today’s monkey.


->Back to 75 million years ago ( 15 million generations ago) ” Plesiadapis”.


->Now back to 160 million years, clearly non human, so called “Juramaia”.


->300 million years ago the great grand parent is not a mammal but that’s a prehistoric lizard predates dinosaurs.

->Haa now finally 375 million years ago ( 185 million generations back), our ancestral fish “TIKTAALIK”.


So where are we in this time line of evolution, actually there wasn’t any first human. When we are 5 years old we are small and when we are 18 years old we are big, that didn’t happen overnight, we can’t feel the difference overnight or on a day basis. That’s like frames moving in a movie, we cannot see the change in frames…

We can never pinpoint the exact moment that a species came to be, because it never did…

The world’s roundest object made of sillicon, becomes the new definition of a “KILOGRAM”. Check out the history of “KILOGRAM”.

Check out the video if you have ever used a “kilogram” to measure something.

The “reference kilogram” is a lump of metal in France, the kilo being the only metric measurement not based on some objective standard. A project is underway to replace the kilo with something independently reproducible: perfectly spherical balls of based on Carbon-12. Incidentally, these new kilos would also be “the roundest objects in the world.”

This is brilliant. Fabrication of a Silicon Sphere By definition, an Avogadro number of Carbon-12 atoms weigh exactly 12 grams. As such, the kilogram could be defined as the mass of 1000/12 * Avogadro’s number of Carbon-12 atoms. The Avogadro constant itself is obtained from the ratio of the molar mass to the mass of an atom. For a crystalline structure such as silicon, the atomic volume is obtained from the lattice parameter and the number of atoms per unit cell. The atomic mass is then the product of the volume and density.