Do you think we only use 10% of our Brain??

Since so long, we were been told and made to believe that we only use 10% of our brain. Which is absolutely ridiculous. We use every part of our brain. Even while doing pretty small tasks like sleeping;).

It was believed that, this myth was first proposed by American Psychologist William James. Even Einstein believed this. And many science fiction movies extended this myth. Don’t worry about all that telekinetic stuff and all. We can still do wonders with what we have…

How can we be so sure that this myth is wrong?

Well.. We were been studying our BRAIN for so long and found a bunch of new thing one of them is “NEUROIMAGING TECHNIQUES”, Which basically deals with the brain waves.. Learn more about brain waves from my previous articles here Brain waves. Precisely these techniques show us the activity of our brain. When these techniques were performed, it was found that every part of the brain is “active”, which doesn’t mean that all the parts should work at the same time.

And in recent years it was found that we have 86 billion neurons not 100 billion. Yeah that 14 billion really matters;).

Some believe that, few people are good at right brain and some at left brain, but we use right side of the brain and left side of the brain equally.

So what is the difference between Einsteins brain and our Brain?

Einsteins brain was taken out 8 hours after his death. Usually we have something called Corpus Colosum which acts as a connection between the left side parts of our and the right side of our brain. In Einsteins brain this part is very thick. So, has very thick connections.

According to Neuroplasticity, the more we use our brain the thicker the connections become. So, how do we make our brain more like Einstein? Well… Go ahead and use your brain.

Studies shows that playing a musical instrument helps using our brain more.

So, let me know, what do you “think” ;)?

“LASER PRINTER” How it works?

We often use printers but, ever thought how it actually works? we select an image on PC and ask for a colour printer and boom you are done. You get an accurate copy of it in no time. Let’s see how..

Obviously first the printer transmits the data from the computer or data storage device as a digital file to the printer’s image processor.

Inside the printer, there is a drum that holds an electric charge. Next to the drum is a transfer corona roller, which can be negatively or positively charged as the drums requirement. In most laser printers, the drum starts out positively charged, although this process can also work in reverse. The controller throws out negative charge on the drum creating an “electrostatic image” of the digital file we chose to print.


Then, the drum is rolled on a positively charged toner. Which when rolled it sticks to the negative charged part of the drum, which is the projection of the image drawn.

The electrostatic image on the drum will transfer to the paper with more negative charge, Then it is fed through a fuser, which heats the toner and causes it to bind with the fibers in the paper.

It sounds great right. Here comes the more interesting part..

How colour is printed?

Printers have blue, red, black, yellow etc.. which can be combined to form any color. Some printers progressively lay the ink onto the drum so that the image will print with one pass of the paper( same process as specified above), while others recirculate the paper multiple times to apply progressive layers of color. Large color printers sometimes have separate drum and toner assemblies for each colour, with the paper passing each drum separately.

Well… Today 15th September is ENGINEERS day. So, Happy Engineers day.. Today is celebrated as Engineers day in the remembrance of  Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya in India…


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WHATS 4D PRINTING NOW? How is that different from recent 3D printing?

Special feature is selfshaping or selfhealing.

We are watching the advancements in science since ages. In my perspective if this 4D printing is taken into action in near future it changes our lifestyle totally. In 3d printing we have learned to print 3D objects by giving its certain measurements with one kind of material inside which prints layer by layer to get a complete structure of the given parameters. In WWDC we have seen further advancement and learned to print food with 3D printing.

Now 4D Printing


With 4D printing technology now we will be able to make the objects get their shape on their own without any motors electrical circuits and stuff.Imagine robotics-like behavior without the reliance on complex electro-mechanical devices)

Although not commercially available, self-assembly is just a beginning of a whole innovative world of manufacturing with minimum energy. As environmental, economic, human and other constraints continue to fluctuate, we will eventually need dynamic systems that can respond with ease and agility. 4D Printing is the first of its kind to offer this exciting capability. This is truly a radical shift in our understanding of structures, which have up to this point, remained static and rigid (think aerospace, automotive, building industries etc) and will soon be dynamic, adaptable and tunable for on-demand performance.

Who knows may be in future we may apply this to our body and make our body self healing!!! “Skyscrapers” build with smart bricks and smart materials saves us in critical times like Earthquakes etc