Misconceptions about tides! What really causes tides?

Many people get it wrong about the reason for gravity of moon and sun responsible for tides. Now, let me ask you something, why don’t we see tides in a lake? And why don’t we see sand and rocks levitate, Due to the Gravity of moon and sun?

Let’s see what actually cause tides. When you are in an accelerating bus( technically in an accelerating frame or non-inertial frame), what ever may be the mass of the object, they  experience force while bus turns, in a direction opposite to the turn. This force is similar to the Tidal force experienced by earth.

Here, what ever may be the mass of the object on earth, they should move out of the surface of earth. But that’s not happening here, all the objects aren’t moving out. The tidal force isn’t acting only on the moon-earth line, because if that was the case ( tidal force acting along the moon earth line), we should see the lakes, ponds, rocks, you and me raising, but we aren’t. And the tidal acceleration due to the gravity of moon along the earth moon line is 1/10,000,000th gravity of earth, so it is not possible for this tiny force to lift something on earth. But that tides are real here!!!!

Then, what is really causing tides???

Until now, we only have considered forces on the earth-moon line. Now consider the forces acting on some other points on earth, the resultant of the forces at that point, i.e., the TIDAL force at that point is observed to be radially downward. By mapping the direction of tidal force at various points on earth, it looks something like the image down below. With the image below, it is clear that, this force is not lifting or stretching but getting SQUEEZED.


From an unknown source on the internet, I have read that this phenomenon is similar to that of squeezing a pimple;);) So true.. This makes it easy to answer my above question “Why do lakes don’t have tides?”. Well… You got it, they are like small pimples, hard to blast:);). They have a smaller surface area and have tiny microscopic tides, which can’t be seen. By the way, the similar is the case with sun. The Sun is very far from earth yet with a huge mass. So,according to the position of the sun, earth and moon the bigger and smaller tides are formed!

Let me know, what you think!

Spherical Tires!!!

Spherical tires, this may sound crazy, but they are actually awesome. Unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, by a company called “GOODYEAR”.


These tires allows cars to move in all directions, with spherical tires, you can even slide in sideways too. Greater parking efficient, so existing parking lots can accommodate more cars without taking up any more space. But, how on this earth, they fixed the tires to the car, yet manage to make them rotate in every direction?

Well… They used magnetic levitation, rather than axles, to suspend the tires under the cars body.. Where an object is suspended above another with no other support but magnetic field.

These are 3d printed, and are smart enough to detect, whether the road is wet or dry, and functions accordingly. The coral-patterned tread also behaves like a natural sponge – responding to wet weather by softening, while stiffening in dry conditions. Here are my previous articles on 3D printing and even 4D printing 😉 (3D printing , 4D printing ).






Hurrah! My blog turns an year now…

Hurrah! It’s been an year now. One thing’s for sure, blogging community here is awesome. I learnt so much here. Now, my blog turns an year and I got an year of experience in blogging. This is a huge thing to me. So, I thought, why not make this article a huge one too. Before you get mad at me scrolling down and down and wondering where it ends, let me explain you something.

When I did my 100th article with 100 followers (Celebrating 100th article with 100 followers). I thought I would write my 200th article with 200 followers but, it didn’t happen now. This is my 153rd article with 210 followers;);) The funny thing is I got the followers count, as I said before  bloggers here are really awesome, but I didn’t reach my articles count;);) It’s pretty genuine though, you don’t want to read junk and I don’t want to write articles to just satisfy the count.

Moving on, as you scroll down, hopefully you find some really interesting articles. And there are so many of them. Trust me you won’t be disappointed because, all my favourite articles are listed below. The good thing is, almost all of my articles are listed. Favourites till my 100th were listed in one article and from 100th to this particular article are listed below. So, this is an eye feasting article, atleast to me;)

If you have read and still remember my 100th article you might have noticed that, a few dialogs are similar right? Yeah! In case you don’t reach the end of this article reading and scrolling, let me tell you something. Thank you so much for making this happen, thank you for your support and thanks for your suggestions. Appreciate it!

Celebrating 100th article with 100 followers ( Start with this, but don’t get struck here with so many articles;))

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Does cell phones cause tumour?

We’re swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation produced by electrical appliances and other technologies everyday, that are part of modern life.

Your phone sends radiofrequency, or RF, waves from its antenna to nearby cell towers, and receives RF waves to its antenna from cell towers when you make a call or text or use data. The frequency of a cell phone’s RF waves falls between those emitted by FM radios and those from microwave ovens, all of which are considered “non-ionizing” forms of radiation.

That means that unlike radiation from a nuclear explosion, the radiation from your phone does not carry enough energy to directly break or alter your DNA, which is one way that cancer can occur. FM radios and microwaves don’t harm us because they aren’t held close to your head when in use and because microwave ovens have shielding that offers protection.

Many studies were done and the results were not accurate. As of now there are more mobile phones than the total humans on our planet, which means the rate of tumour should increase as the cell phones are increasing, but it isn’t. 

In my view, cellphones are not that harmfull. Checkout my previous article on Radiation here (Most radioactive places on earth).

What do you think?




What is Supernova?

In astronomy, we often hear the word “Supernova”. Let’s see, what actually a Supernova is?

 Supernova is an event where an explosion of a huge star takes place. These blasts produce some heavy material in the universe including some elements, like iron, which make up  planets. Not all stars become Supernova though.

So, there are two types of supernovae.

White Dwarfs

White Dwarfs is something with the size of our earth and with 8 times the mass of our sun. This explains how dense it is. With this high density, it pulls mass from the neighbouring mass, using its gravity. By taking in the mass, it reaches a level called “Chandrasekhar limit”. At this instant, the star becomes unstable and supernova takes place. In turn, it forms something called Neutron star.

Star Fusion

 It occurs when stars core’s fusion process runs out of fuel. They can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will, in its entire lifetime. Stars are high nuclear reactors producing energy by fusing hydrogen into helium. Running out of fuel is nothing but, running out of hydrogen. With this, the helium is fused into heavier elements and supernova takes place, adding enrich elements to space clouds of dust and gas, further interstellar diversity, and produce a shock wave that compresses clouds of gas to aid new star formation.

Ultimately these supernovae are responsible for Black-holes and Birth of new stars too…

What if we were like “Flash”? Science of Flash!!

You might be knowing the Flash. For those who don’t know Flash, Flash is a DC Comics character with super speed. So much speed that he can travel in space and time( back and forth in time). Which means at the speed of light!!

 The Flash could not realistically do what he does. Let’s see what we need, to do what he does.. To move at such greater speeds, we need energy, for which we need to eat at super speed too!!!

At such greater speeds there is something called air resistance. Just try running on a windy day in the opposite direction to the wind, you will know what I am talking about. With this air resistance we may be on fire, because of the friction between the air and our body, once we achieve higher speeds.

Well… Writers are clever enough to introduce something called force field to explain this, which The Flash gets through a failed experiment( particular accelerator).

In recent articles, we have learned that, even light takes some time to do things. Which means, to see things around, light should travel from the object to the eye, from the eye to the brain, then our brain processes that information and finally we actually know what’s going on. Seems that when we look our self in a mirror, we actually are looking at a few nano seconds past image.

We see the world in maybe 60 fps (frames per second), which we think is really present. Some animals see the world in 240 fps and I can’t imagine, how flash see the world. Maybe, in his perspective the world is paused.

So, what do you think?




Gravitylight ( Glowing bulbs using gravity)

Electricity is very essential and the resources to produce electricity are limited. Also, most of the energy resources we use to create energy are non-renewable and harmful for the environment.

In such scenario, creating energy through gravity is extremely useful and innovative. A weighted bag is hung and winched (a pulling device, which pulls)  up. With this the weighed bag descends down gradually.

It uses this weight to drive a gear-train and generate electricity from the kinetic energy created, sufficient to light up an LED bulb.


This really helps people in rural areas with lack of electricity to light up their houses using nothing but “Gravity”. This is more efficient than solar energy.

Learn more about such clean energy here Renewable Piezoelectricity

To learn more about this Gravity-light, checkout the video below. 

Theory of General Realativity and Special Relativity?


First let’s see special relativity.

For an observer moving at constant velocity, the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter, the speed at which an observer travels.

Which precisely tells that, when we see an object moving at a very high speed (constant velocity), the objects appear to be compressed.

Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another.

General theory of relativity

Albert Einstein put forward his special theory of relativity in 1905. With a great work and effort, after ten years, in 1915 he put forward his General theory of relativity, where the limitations of special relativity ( no acceleration) were eliminated.

In General theory of relativity, the gravitational force is considered, since, the accelerating motion is acceptable. The space-time is assumed to be a fabric. Every other planet and star applies gravitational force on this fabric which facilitates the planets to move around the stars.  This looks something like the image below.


Gravitational waves are also indirectly assumed in General relativity( learn more about the Gravitational waves here Gravitational waves).

This scenario is clearly understood with the video below.

Also the Electromagnetism works on the same principle. Let me know, what do you think?



Parallel Universes??

Parallel universes are basically alternate realities, where every possible situation happens. Since there are infinite possibilities, there are infinite number of parallel universes.

Let’s see, what’s a Multiverse?

As the name suggests, a group of Universes makes a Multiverse. The Universe we live in,  might not be the only Universe out there. Our universe might be one in the Infinite number of universes out there.

By theory, we have different types of multiverse theories.

  1. Bubble universes
When we say the word Universe, It actually refers to the observable universe, which we can observe or see. Some part cannot be seen because the light don’t reach us from that part. If we assume a boundary or bubble upto which our universe can be observed, then there are many other bubble around our bubble and each have their own Laws of Physics.
Which explains that, we can only exist in the universe that has our laws.
2. Membranes
The Universe in which we live is 3 dimensional. According to string theory this 3 dimensional space is inside a Super universe with 9 dimensions.
This explains that there are still more 3 dimensional portions in the 9 dimensional super universe.
3. The many worlds
This is the fun theory, this theory predicts that there are many worlds and every possible situation is happened in one or the other worlds. There are different time lines for each. If you know the story of the DC Comics character “The Flash” you will understand this better;)

All these concepts are Theories. There is no experimental evidence. For now, we have the evidence for the Inflation. Learn more about that from my previous article Origin of our Universe. So, as always, ” Everything is true until it’s a theory”.

So, don’t let another you, in another universe, do what you don’t do, in this particular universe. which precisely means don’t make yourself regret;)


The only thing that changed is everything 2015 to 2016

Here’s to wish you all a very happy new year. Hope this year brings surprises surprisingly, with the strength to face them all too.

As I said, the only thing that changed is everything. 2015, it’s been a wonderful year. This is the year I started my blog too. After 8 months of wonderful time in blogging, I realise blogging has changed my schedule completely. Here’s a precise insight wordpress has created for my blog Rewind.

Here’s the fun part, let’s talk science and tech. All those more interesting articles are linked on my 100th post , go ahead and check it out.

In 2015, we have invented a plenty of new technologies. “Wearable technologies” where we literally wear tech. “Transhumanism” humans are working with technologies hand in hand. “3d touch” was developed. Extensive generation of clean energy is being done. We started detecting our own brain waves to detect our thoughts. We were more into virtual realities and augmented realities VR vs Augmented reality. And I cant name them all right now. So, let’s talk about all  of them in future articles.

For now, happy new year. Have a wonderful year ahead. Keep writing, keep reading my blog;)