Why do mirrors flip horizontally but not vertically?

Mirrors are great, we often look at our self in the mirror. But the mirrors show a horizontally flipped image of our self, why? The answer for this question is very simple, it’s not the mirrors fault, we are the one who flip the object from the reading position. If we try to read the text on our shirt in the same position in which we wore, it results in a mirror image. To read the text we should have to flip the shirt to the reading position that is the opposite direction.

But here is the thing, if we point out the arrows up, down, right, left precisely in the X and Y directions, the images will be shown correctly. Now go ahead and put an arrow towards the mirror, the mirror image points out in the opposite direction that is it points you… Watch out the image below for more clarity. So, now this shows that the mirror is actually changing the image. Your right hand becomes left hand in a mirror and vice-versa. Well… Lets see this way, put on a pair of glouse, now reverse the right hand glouse. It should fit your left hand. So the mirror is actually changing the Z direction.


 Now, why the vertical flip is not happening?

From the above explanation it is clear that, it is we who are responsible for the horizontal flip. But yes the mirror do manipulate in the Z direction. We won’t experience vertical flip because we are not vertically symmetric to the mirror.

Hope you got the answer…