Happy new year!

It’s been so long since I wrote anything. But, I am back now. I will try to post regularly from now on. As today is the first day of this new year 2017, I would like to put all my favourite articles I wrote in the last year. Of course, I like all those I wrote. But what I mean was, all the articles that might interest you are put at one place.

Here we go…

  1. Parallel universe
  2. How we see in 3d
  3. Mass of trees come from
  4. Internet of things
  5. Gravitational waves
  6. Flying windmills
  7. What is supernova?
  8. Flash science
  9. Gravity lights
  10. Move back and forth in time
  11. Stars really twinkle?
  12. General and special relativity
  13. Does cell phones cause tumor
  14. Self cleaning nano tech
  15. One year of my blog!
  16. Spherical tires
  17. Encryption
  18. What really cause tides
  19. Cryonics
  20. Where does wind come from?
  21. Science of becoming batman
  22. What’s your speed right now?
  23. Hypnosis!
  24. Computer part-1
  25. Space elevator
  26. Science of muscle building
  27. Deep web and dark web
  28. Computer part-2; Choosing processors!
  29. Gravitational lensing
  30. Iris scan vs retina scan!
  31. Antimatter!
  32. RFID tags
  33. My new self hosted blog
  34. working of Solar panels.
  35. What is e-paper and how it works?

Wow, I am actually very happy that most of the article I wrote this year made it to this list. Now, I have 323 wonderful followers on my blog with 180 articles Usually for any special days like making 100 followers or  200 followers or having done one year in blogging or anything that has to do with blogging, I list out all my favourite articles at one place.

So, here are all those posts I did on those “special days”…

50 wp followers!

100th article with 100 followers!!

One year of blogging!!!

My new selfhosted blog!!!!

Here is the link to my selfhosted-blog ” informaticcoolstuff.in“. Please do visit and support as you guys always did!