” SAYGUS V SQUARED ” The Dream Smart Phone .

We rarely see this type of tech around which is a complete package of high end specifications, even more what we expect. Within 5 days in ” crowd funding campaign on indiegogo “, it reached a huge 5 million dollar. With this great achievement and hype, they started publishing their features to the people through a series of videos.

This dream phone so called ” Saygus V Squared ” has a built in 64GB storage, with a tremendous amount of additional storage of two ” 200 GD ” SD card slots. This smart phone has two sim card slots.

If you are selfie freak then you gotta see this. This little piece of tech has got a 13MP front facing camera. Aside from boasting the highest pixel count at the moment (yes, a shared record with the already available HTC Desire Eye, and a few others), the front shooter has optical image stabilization. Well, the primary 21MP camera does too, but somehow it doesn’t get a video of its own, go figure.

V Squared has finger print sensor which sits on the side of the phone. It activates through swipes.

All this is powered by a huge 3,100 mah removable battery. Also V Squared is a water proof smart phone.