WHATS 4D PRINTING NOW? How is that different from recent 3D printing?

Special feature is selfshaping or selfhealing.

We are watching the advancements in science since ages. In my perspective if this 4D printing is taken into action in near future it changes our lifestyle totally. In 3d printing we have learned to print 3D objects by giving its certain measurements with one kind of material inside which prints layer by layer to get a complete structure of the given parameters. In WWDC we have seen further advancement and learned to print food with 3D printing.

Now 4D Printing


With 4D printing technology now we will be able to make the objects get their shape on their own without any motors electrical circuits and stuff.Imagine robotics-like behavior without the reliance on complex electro-mechanical devices)

Although not commercially available, self-assembly is just a beginning of a whole innovative world of manufacturing with minimum energy. As environmental, economic, human and other constraints continue to fluctuate, we will eventually need dynamic systems that can respond with ease and agility. 4D Printing is the first of its kind to offer this exciting capability. This is truly a radical shift in our understanding of structures, which have up to this point, remained static and rigid (think aerospace, automotive, building industries etc) and will soon be dynamic, adaptable and tunable for on-demand performance.

Who knows may be in future we may apply this to our body and make our body self healing!!! “Skyscrapers” build with smart bricks and smart materials saves us in critical times like Earthquakes etc