What if we were like “Flash”? Science of Flash!!

You might be knowing the Flash. For those who don’t know Flash, Flash is a DC Comics character with super speed. So much speed that he can travel in space and time( back and forth in time). Which means at the speed of light!!

 The Flash could not realistically do what he does. Let’s see what we need, to do what he does.. To move at such greater speeds, we need energy, for which we need to eat at super speed too!!!

At such greater speeds there is something called air resistance. Just try running on a windy day in the opposite direction to the wind, you will know what I am talking about. With this air resistance we may be on fire, because of the friction between the air and our body, once we achieve higher speeds.

Well… Writers are clever enough to introduce something called force field to explain this, which The Flash gets through a failed experiment( particular accelerator).

In recent articles, we have learned that, even light takes some time to do things. Which means, to see things around, light should travel from the object to the eye, from the eye to the brain, then our brain processes that information and finally we actually know what’s going on. Seems that when we look our self in a mirror, we actually are looking at a few nano seconds past image.

We see the world in maybe 60 fps (frames per second), which we think is really present. Some animals see the world in 240 fps and I can’t imagine, how flash see the world. Maybe, in his perspective the world is paused.

So, what do you think?