Electricity by applying pressure (PEIZOELECTRICITY)

We extensively use electrical energy, probably we can’t live without it in this modern age. So, where do we get electrical energy from? Well, we got two ways Renewable energy sources( which are unlimited like solar energy), Non renewable energy sources( which are limited). Now the “Piezoelectricity” is something like Renewable energy.

What is Piezoelectricity?

There are certain materials called Piezoelectric material, which on applying mechanical stress produce electricity. Precisely apply pressure, boom you got electric energy.

How it manages to give Electric energy?

The animation down below explains everything.

Animation showing how piezoelectric charges appear when you press a crystal.

Animation source

Let us start analysing what our little animation is trying to explain. The Piezoelectric material is composed of equal number of electrons and protons so, the charges cancel out giving no net zero charge. As we apply pressure on this type of materials, the charges get out of balance and they end up giving some voltage at it ends.

This looks very simple yet very useful if used in a more specific and productive areas. And you can surely try this at home. Here’s the picture of piezo electric material (small one), go ahead connect it to an LED and start applying pressure on it and see what happens…


We can also make our own piezo electric material at home… Let me tell you how. Take Baking soda ( Sodium carbonate), Cream of tartar (Potassium Bitartrate). Mix 7:1 Cream of tartar to Water in a cup you should get a white solution, now put the cup in a pan with water and heat until it’s just simmering, now add half tea spoon of baking soda, it get bubbling keep stirring and adding baking soda until the solution becomes clear( transparent). Leave it overnight in a cool place. After an overnight stand you will get some crystals, something like this..


Try connecting these crystals ends to a multi meter, apply pressure to the crystal and test for some voltage…

so, let me know what do you think…